Create authentic and long-lasting engagement thanks to our Engagement@Work approach

Our approach  is based on a combination of pragmatic visual tools and our experience of over 20 years accompanying teams and in the field of change management.

 Initiatives designed to encourage employee engagement result in 
higher levels of involvement, more rapid development, the ability to get on with colleagues more easily and also encourages greater employee loyalty.

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of profitability
This is what companies with the highest employee engagement levels achieve.

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of employees
admit that they would work harder if they thought their work was really appreciated.

+ 0 %

of employees
are planning to leave their employer.

- 0 K

per year and per employee
is the cost of employee disengagement.

In person co-construction Involves engaging employees in the co-creation of actions to transform, correct, consolidate or cultivate engagement drivers. Online measurement Automatic monitoring of the implementation of actions. Measuring the impact on the engagement rate. Organisational interface Real-time analysis with a dashboard and reporting. Individual interface With a report for the employee. Reinforce Online measurement Measure online the actual level of employee engagement (=indicators) and identify the drivers (= factors influencing engagement). Measure

Our solution

An innovative solution, backed by our team of experts, to boost employee engagement
and increase your organisation's productivity.

How does this solution work?

Collection of accurate data: 

Our platform enables you to collect detailed information regarding employee engagement levels. Thanks to a scientifically based questionnaire, we are able to conduct a multi-factorial analysis of engagement levels in your organisation.

Detailed analyses: 

You will have access to accurate and relevant data and benefit from the support of our multidisciplinary team (HR, coaches, consultants with experience in organisational and conflict management) to help you interpret the results and conceive appropriate measures.

A personalised solution: 

In contrast to generic solutions, we are able to conceive personalised measures. We provide complementary interventions with high added value: analyses, mapping, recommendations, workshop facilitation…
We understand that every organisation is unique, which explains why our recommendations will be tailored to suit your needs. 

Ongoing support: 

We place the human context at the centre of our approach. Our team is ready to interact with you to co-create the necessary changes, to appraise progress and to make any appropriate future modifications. We will provide support with the management of your project and with the conception of an appropriate strategy to communicate with your employees.


The + of the Engagement@Work Tool

  • A scientific basis for the analysis of employee engagement
  • A dynamic dashboard to track employee engagement
  • Concrete measures for managers and HR professionals to implement
  • A digitalised follow-up of the implementation of the suggestions for improvement
  • A data set (measures and actions) for engagement based on a duplicable approach.
  • Concrete support during the analytical, planning and roll-out phases.

What is the main advantage of using this tool?

Engagement@Work represents the expertise of our team, who will be ready to guide you during every stage of your project to create a working environment which is both productive and rewarding for everyone.

Benefit from regular surveys designed to measure engagement, from data analysis to identify potential improvements, from recommendations for concrete measures and from resources all of which will serve to boost engagement among your teams.

And a lot more!

Relevant and actionable data

Easier HR monitoring

Access a clear and concise dashboard to monitor employee engagement and track measures designed to boost their engagement.

Regroup other measures planned by your departments (team building, training, info-sessions…) in the dashboard, so you can manage all HR issues via a unique interface

Graphs and data analysis

Conduct easy and rapid analyses thanks to visual data presentation in the form of graphs and spread charts.

Thanks to the statistical model integrated into the tool, you will determine which engagement levers need to be enforced or transformed, and which actions to prioritise because they are directly correlated to employee engagement levels. 

Take more effective decisions and measure the impact of actions

Access data to reveal engagement levels and identify levers within your organisation.

Apply relevant filters and draw informed conclusions

Take objective and transparent decisions.

Why is engagement so important for every type of organisation?


visible and measurable
impacts of engagement
  • Increased performance levels
  • Higher employee retention levels
  • Greater satisfaction and well-being at work
  • Improved client experience
  • A reduction in the number of work accidents
  • Lower secondary costs
  • A reduction in training costs
  • Activation of your CSR strategy
  • Increased performance levels
  • Higher employee retention levels
  • Greater satisfaction and well-being at work
  • Improved client experience
  • A reduction in the number of work accidents
  • Lower secondary costs
  • A reduction in training costs
  • Activation of your CSR strategy


to achieve collective efficiency

Encouraging employee
and retention. 

Positioning employees
as actors of their own engagement 

Empowering employees
to cope with changes. 

Increase overall
innovation and creativity levels. 

Conforming with ESG (CSR) criteria